Reception Facilities At Whanganui River TOP 10

Opening Hours

Our new, light and airy reception is open from 8:30 every morning. In summer we close at 20:30 and in winter at 19:30.

If you are likely to check-in late, just give us a call and we can still make your arrival as smooth as ice.


Set up tent and realised you forgot to visit the supermarket? Want to cool off with an ice cream on a hot day? Need insect repellent for a spontaneous trek? Our shop is placed conveniently inside reception so that you don't need to leave the camp for any of your basic needs.

We stock lots of things, so chances are we'll have what you need. We stock soft drinks, pasta, noodles, tinned goods, cereal, deserts, coffee and tea, crisps, snacks, chocolate and lollies, sun cream, swimming nappies, insect repellent, tent pegs, camping toilet tablets, shower gel, toothpaste, gas canisters and more.

During the summer we also stock bags of ice, so your drinks will always be cool. 

Tourist Attractions & Bookings

We are also here to offer tourist advice so you can get the most out of your trip to Whanganui.

You'll find brochures about all sorts of exciting things to do and our team will gladly tell you more. 

Need to book a trip to the Bridge to Nowhere? - our team will be happy to help you. Want to make sure there's space for you on the next Waimarie Paddle Steamer trip? - Come in and we can do that for you. Want to book ahead for your next TOP10 park - let us take care of that for you. 

We have 2 TVs in reception - one showing videos of local attractions so you can get a feel for what you can expect from your outings, the other has weather information and details of things to do in the park.

Take a seat, grab a drink and relax while you contemplate your next activity.

Things To Do In The Park

And reception is where you can; hire a trike or a DVD, borrow the petanque boule or a board game, book your spa session, organise a kayak trip. get change for the games room or get the key for the family bathroom. 

Come and see us - we're here to make your holiday care-free.