Sustainable Tourism At Whanganui River TOP 10 Holiday Park

As part of the TOP 10 Holiday Parks group we are required to show that we have an ongoing commitment to providing a sustainable tourism business, including a commitment to ensuring our business has a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Our business is regularly assessed by an external auditor, and our policies and practices are regularly reviewed internally. To show that we are operating at the top levels of environmental awareness, we aim to demonstrate that we are engaging in the following activities:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Conservation Initiatives
  • Waste Management
  • Community Activities
  • Water Conservation
This is part of New Zealand tourism’s commitment to looking after New Zealand for future generations to enjoy.

At Whanganui River TOP 10 Holiday Park we believe in protecting the beautiful environment of New Zealand and want to ensure that future generations can visit and enjoy it too. If we all work together it will minimise the negative effects on the environment, economic and social impacts making the world better for our future generations and making positive contributions to the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.

Actions Taken By Whanganui River TOP 10 Holiday Park:

Energy Efficiency

  • Solar Heating is used to heat our swimming pool and produce electricity to partially power our park.
  • Infinity hot water systems in all blocks and units.
  • Low energy or LED bulbs throughout the park.
  • Motion sensor lighting in communal areas.
  • All computers turned off at night.
  • All appliances replaced with high energy efficiency rated ones when due for replacement.
  • All large appliances are regularly serviced to ensure their highest efficiency.


  • Solar energy to heat our swimming pool and power our communal areas.
  • Use recycled paper in the office.
  • Use recycled toilet paper throughout the park.
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products where possible.
  • Use of eco-friendly pesticides where-ever possible.
  • Shampoos, & soaps are in pump dispensers to minimise waste.

Waste Management

  • Recycling station in the park with colour coded bins for each colour of glass and mixed recycling bins for all other recyclable materials.
  • Reminders to guests about recycling and recycling bins in all units.
  • Use of recycled products where possible.
  • As much food waste as possible is given to our onsite animals (pigs, chickens, birds).
  • Double-sided printing and reuse of single sided paper for office notepads.
  • Empty toilet roll holders and lint from tumble driers is used as firelighters for our guest fires. 


  • We host Okoia School, Paua and Skids for their Christmas and summer parties each year.
  • We host Sport Whanganui Duathalons/Triathalons & Harriers Club Brine to Vine races.
  • Members of the Lions Club.
  • Where possible we use local manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Donations of used furniture and fittings to local marae and our local Koha Shed.


  • Garden are watered with timers to water late at night or early mornings for measured amounts.
  • Use of electric kettles in the communal kitchen rather than an instant hot water zip as it wastes more water and energy.
  • Dual flush toilet systems are in place.
  • Guests are encouraged to reuse towels rather than having them changed every day to reduce water and detergent use in our laundry.
  • Our new showers are fitted with water reducing heads.
We encourage our guests with electric vehicles to feel free to bring them along, we can support the charging of these whether its a unit or a site that you have booked with us, just bring your own cables. 

We actively encourage our guests to participate in our environmental efforts and welcome any feedback or suggestions to help us further improve.